AHMF 2020 NATIONAL MOTORING FESTIVAL - ALBURY  - March 28 to April 3 2020

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The AHMF National Motoring Festival  we have planned is not "just another rally", not even a variation of the traditional rally. If you have been to Chrysler's on the Murray, Golden Oldies Tours or Bay to Birdwood you will know there is more than one way to skin a cat. We are turning tradition on its ear; we are giving you something new, fresh, family-fun and affordable. We will showcase the fantastic motoring roads, scenery and attractions Albury-Wodonga districts on the Murray have to offer and, more importantly, we will have fun!
We have started with a clean slate. Most of the committee putting together this Festival have never organised a national event. We have no preconceived ideas of what should or shouldn’t or can or can’t be done. We have the attitude of, "Why can't it be done!" We will deliver to you a festival you will not want to miss!
We know John does not wish to cover the same ground in his 1908 Renault as I will cover in my 1970 Morgan yet both are eligible. We need to cater for both vehicles to make it enjoyable for the drivers and passengers, therefore there will be shorter and longer routes available.
We start from the same location each day. The SS&A Club in Albury (The Albury Sailors Soldiers & Airmen's Club Limited) is our base for the festival. SS&A Club will open their outdoor dining area each morning and have barista-trained staff to provide coffees, etc. for purchase before you hit the road. They will also have a daily BBQ breakfast special, e.g. 2 egg and bacon rolls for the price of 1, with any coffee purchase.
Like the ages of our cars we have a wide range of age in entrants and passengers. Lets be honest, the type of entertainment which keeps me enthused is going to be quite different to what many others may enjoy. The layout of the SS&A Club lends itself perfectly to having a variety of entertainment, activities, bars and food every night.
This is an international event. Most of us have friends overseas involved in the old car movement. Tell them about the Festival. Convince them to come along. Make it easy for them; lend them one of your spare vehicles. We already have attendees from Singapore. It will be great to welcome entrants from several other countries also.Please email our flyer to anybody who may be interested. Email it to your friends overseas also.
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you can extend your historic vehicle touring with a few days in Temora. Temora Antique Motor Club invites you to their “I DON’T WANT TO GO HOME” RALLY APRIL 4-7TH 2020 with a couple of relaxing days seeing the sights and enjoying the company of other enthusiasts.

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