THE COUNCIL OF HERITAGE MOTOR CLUBS NSW (CHMC)                                                                                                               REPRESENTS and promotes the interests of HERITAGE, HISTORIC & CLASSIC VEHICLE CLUBS THROUGHOUT N.S.W. 

Members of CHMC Affiliated Clubs own, preserve and restore cars, trucks, motorbikes, buses and tractors that are over 30 years old, i.e. heritage, historic or classic vehicles.  They share one common purpose, to keep alive the sights and sounds of the vehicles and machines that were an integral part of the automotive and transport history of Australia.Some of those vehicles are more than 100 years old, others are from the 1980s, some are rare, some are unique, and many are everyday vehicles from our nation's past. All are examples of our country's automotive culture through time. Heritage and historic vehicles are not still here by accident, they survive because someone has cared for them through time, or someone has rescued them just in time.

"Is my car veteran, vintage, classic, antique - or just old?"

For the answer go to WHAT IS A HERITAGE VEHICLE 

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