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The Council of Heritage Motor Clubs N.S.W. Inc. [CHMC] was formed in 1970 to represent the veteran, vintage, post-vintage, classic and historic motor clubs of regional New South Wales. The majority of CHMC Affiliated Clubs were and are country NSW-based and this led to the Council being referred to as The Bush Council. There are CHMC Clubs in all regions of NSW as well as the major cities, including Sydney. Please click to CLUBS for details about individual CHMC Affiliated Clubs.

OPERATION   Affiliated Clubs are autonomous and control their own internal affairs, Council concentrates on serving those Clubs with active and appropriate representation to government (State and Commonwealth) and other agencies and peak associations.

EXECUTIVE The Council of Heritage Motor Clubs N.S.W. Inc. is an Incorporated Association with its own purpose-written Constitution. The Council has an elected Committee of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary, Roads & Maritime Services Liaison Officer, Registrar, Webmaster and two AHMF delegates. All officers are unpaid and work voluntarily for the benefit of the member Clubs.

REPRESENTATION Council's Committee undertakes the ongoing role of representing member Clubs in matters concerning the preservation and operation of heritage vehicles, including State and Commonwealth legislation. Since its formation Council has been significantly involved in a wide range of initiatives with the relevant NSW roads and transport authorities. Changes from the old Club Plate scheme to the Conditional  registration scheme, the Historic Vehicle Scheme [HVS], were due to the valuable input of this Council. CHMC regularly provides submissions reflecting the majority viewpoint of member Clubs on such matters as vehicle registration, vehicle safety and fuels. CHMC continues to be very proactive with government and non-government agencies in all relevant matters concerning heritage and historic vehicles.

MEETINGS & COMMUNICATIONS The CHMC meets formally twice a year with member clubs' delegates gathering to discuss issues of common interest or concern.  the CHMC Committee meets regularly, either face-to-face or online. The CHMC communicates with its member Clubs by routine and topical mail-outs, and when requested with Committee visits. As required, information days are held at various locations around the State to update Club executives and members on matters of significance, such as vehicleregistration developments.

NATIONAL AFFILIATION The CHMC is an active member of the national body representing historic motor clubs from across Australia - the Australian Historic Motoring Federation.