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Encouraging youth involvement in restoring and preserving heritage vehicles

The Robert Shannon Foundation was established in 2003 to perpetuate the memory of Robert Shannon, founder of Shannons Insurance, who died unexpectedly in March 2000. Robert was an avid classic car enthusiast, who especially enjoyed his 1930 Invicta S Type. He was a strong supporter of the historic motoring movement and was concerned that it was not attracting enough younger people, particularly in the areas of the preservation and restoration of classic vehicles.

The purpose of the Foundation is to encourage people under the age of 30 to become involved in the restoration and preservation of veteran, vintage, post-vintage, historic 50’s, historic 60’, historic 70's and historic 80’s vehicles over 30 years old.

The Foundation may: - help with the purchase of specialist tools or equipment - assist with the actual cost of restoration work - contribute toward TAFE or other fees - contribute toward any project considered worthwhile by the Trustees.

Eligibility: Any person or group of people under the age of thirty years and engaged in studying automotive restoration and preservation or actively working on historic vehicles is eligible to nominate for a grant.

Application for a Grant: Before completing an application form an individual or group must seek the support of a local vehicle club, this club must be affiliated with an appropriate State Council such as CHMC. The supporting club must complete the relevant section of the application form and forward the application to its State council for endorsement. All correspondence from CHMC affiliated Clubs and club members related to the Robert Shannon Foundation should be sent to the Foundation through the CHMC. 

Submissions for a Grant must be lodged with the AHMF by 1st June each year, State Councils such as the CHMC will require the submission to be in their hands by the 1st May each year.

Grant applicants will need to ensure that applications are in the hands of their supporting club in sufficient time for the supporting club to consider the application and forward it to the state council by the 1st May.

Please view the Sample Application to see what the Robert Shannon Foundation Trustees will be looking for when evaluating your application.

Download the Application for Grant Form and tell us why you deserve our assistance with that project.

Disclaimer: The Robert Shannon Foundation has no connection with the Shannons Insurance organisation.